Method for operating fermentation adjuvant of edible mushroom cultivation material

Method for operating fermentation adjuvant of edible mushroom cultivation material

The operation method of edible auxiliaries of edible mushroom cultivation material The edible mushroom culture material is a very important part that affects the growth and development of edible fungi. How can we make a very good culture material?
Preparation: According to the weight of 0.1% of the culture material (that is, one thousandth, if the waste is reused, it can be added according to 0.2%). Prepare the fermenting aid for the culture material of the golden baby edible fungus; pre-soak the crushed or cut main ingredient or Shower pre-wet, adjust the water to 60-70%, PH value of 8 or so.
Mixing: Diluting the fermentation aid with fresh rice bran (the poor nutrition of old rice bran) (5 kg of rice bran per 1 kg of golden baby fermentation aid), and then diluting the good golden baby's fermentation aid with pre-wet The bran, cake fat, manure and other accessories are mixed evenly and then evenly mixed in the main ingredients.
Stacking: Stir the raw material of the culture material and mix it according to conventional methods. The inside of the pile is punched and ventilated with a pointed tip with a diameter of about 10 cm, and covered with air-permeable coverings such as sacks and straw curtains for heat preservation and moisturizing.
Overturn: When the temperature of the material rises to about 65°C, it can be turned over for the first time and it can be turned over again in 3-4 days. The turnout of the Agaricus bisporus pile is slightly longer.
Temperature control: It may be normal for the temperature to rapidly rise above 70-75°C in the early stage of fermentation, but it should be immediately overturned, and the high temperature above 75°C cannot be maintained for a long time. Otherwise it will cause a large loss of nutrients in the culture medium and affect the yield. In the later period, according to the different requirements of the temperature of different edible fungi, take measures such as removing the cover, increasing the density of punching holes, replenishing the water, reducing the height of the pile, and tipping over to control the temperature within an appropriate range.
Humidification: With the rapid increase in the temperature of the material pile and the constant accumulation of heat, the moisture in the material will be lost by evaporation. Therefore, at the same time, it should be filled with water according to the specific situation (0.5% lime water is preferred). The last replenishment and turning should be completed at the same time. When sowing should be avoided as much as possible to avoid the "raw water" added, so as not to cause the strain "not to eat" after sowing.
Complete: Pleurotus ostreatus, straw mushroom and other fungi culture materials need to ferment about 5-6 days; Agaricus bisporus takes about 10-15 days. The fermented and decomposed culture material has a moisture content of about 65%, generally brown, and the surface is covered with white hyphae. There is no aroma smell of ammonia, and it is not sticky and flexible. The straw straw is lightly pulled, indicating that the fermentation is completed.

Road Milk Tanker (Milk Tank trailer)5-60tons:

All the heads are one time moulding . And all the inner Rcorners are larger than 30mm.To ensure there is no right-angle inside the tank. the insulation layer PUF. Temperature raise less than 2°C within 24 hrs:

1.About the material: 

AISI/SUS 304-2B(S.S304)food grade stainless steel plate sheet ,inside shell 2.5-3mm / outer shell  2mm, one time molding heads.

2 .Special welding process :

TIG welding process, to obtain the good outlook and reduce the crack and pit. All surface can be polished shinning like mirror.

3.One time molding heads  and injecting PUF or use fiber glass.

And each compartment use double heads back-to-back which make sure every compartment heads smooth and no right-angle left,easy to wash.

Using polyurethane foam(PUF) /glass fiber to get better insulation ability, which has the perfect warmth keeping ability and ensure temperature raise not too fast

4.Milk out-let pipe and air vent

Each milk compartment has one set separate out-let pipe and air vent.out-let pipes which usesΦ50×2.0 polished stainless steel (sanitary parts), all pipes inside the insulation layer to make sure no frozen milk occurs in winter and no milk rotten in summer.

5.The CIP cleaning system

Equipment with automatic self-rotation ball(spray cleaning ball) inside the tank, and CIP joint in rear carbin.

6. Rear cabinet  for tools/pipe /pump/and milk sampling.

The lockable rear cabinet design make the tanker have a tidy general look.and convenient for use/you add other device( according yourdesign).

7.The design of the manhole cover

All the covers are Anti-Spillage design, to avoid the over flow and leakage of the milk from top cover.

8.The Top anti-skid platform.

Anti-skid platform on the top of tank body made of Aluminium alloy plate with skid-resistant surface. For safyty.the anti-skidplatform with Φ25mm handrails(S.S) of 250mm height.

9.The breath airway(air vent):

Air vent diameter no less than Φ120mm.

10 .The tank body design:

The scientific long axis and short axis design for tank body meets the hydrokinetics requirements and ensures the safety of vehicles.and we can design the tank according your trailer(truck) size.

11 .The chassis of the vehicle

The vehicle chassis standard FAW chassis.or we provide semi-trailer chassis according your demand.

road milk tanker

Road Milk Tanker

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