Special Herbicide for Rape Field - Kowok

Special Herbicide for Rape Field - Kowok

15% KOSOKE is a broad-leaved weed herbicide developed by Sichuan Chemical Industry Research and Design Institute. It can be mixed with grass herbicides for one-off herbicides.
1, control the object. Fascinating, cattle-fed, swine fever, ragweed, broken rice grass and other weeds.
2, application time and usage. After the rapeseed is returned to green, weeds are sprayed on weed stems and leaves evenly when the weather is fine and the temperature is high.
3. The amount of medication. In the rapeseed field of Brassica napus, broad-leaved weeds dominated the plots with 15% Kosuguk EC 100 to 130 ml per 667 square meters, and 50 to 70 liters of water was sprayed.
4. Precautions. 1 This product is not recommended for mustard rapeseed. 2 There is no special antidote for this medicine. If you take it by mistake, you should bring it to the hospital for treatment.

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