The key technologies for rabbit skin removal

The key technologies for rabbit skin removal

Slaughter according to the procedure

Repelling skins from rabbits should change the old method of slaughtered blood and slaughtered skin in the past. It should be a new procedure of first killing, peeling, and then bleeding. The purpose is to reduce the fur stains.

In order to ensure the quality of rabbit skin and rabbit meat, health checks should be performed on the rabbits to be slaughtered. All rabbits suffering from diseases, especially infectious diseases, should be handled in isolation, and slaughter should be given to the rabbits who are in the period of hair replacement or whose physical condition is weak.

For rabbits who have been slaughtered and skinned, besides supplying drinking water as usual, fasting should be carried out for 8 hours before slaughter. This will not only facilitate slaughter and skinning operations, but also ensure the quality of Rex Rabbit fur, but also save feed and reduce costs.

With your left hand, grasp the rabbit's hind leg, hold your head with your right hand, straighten the rabbit body, and then suddenly pull hard to displace the cervical spine. You can also use your left hand to pick up the rear feet of rabbits, and then you can use a round stick to kill the rabbit's back brain.

When a large number of slaughters were used, a 70-volt, 0.75-ampere electrocautery device could be used to press the roots of the ears to make them electrocuted. Pouring vinegar to death is not effective and can easily contaminate the skin.

Peeling at speed

Immediately after death, skins should be peeled off. After the body is frozen, skin and meat are difficult to peel. When peeling, first use a thick rope to hang the foot on the column, use a sharp scissors to cut it off from the posterior joint, along the upper part of the inner part of the genitals, and peel the skin around and turn it over. Pull the lower skin with a pull-out method and finally pull out. Forelimb, cut off the scalp, ready to face the inside of the hair, the skin outside the skin.

When peeling off, pay attention not to damage the fur, to break the leg muscles or to tear the chest and abdominal muscles. Fresh skin peeled off should be immediately cut with a knife to remove residual muscles, tendons, etc., and then carefully cut along the ventral midline with a pair of scissors to "open the skin" according to its natural skin shape, hair surface down, skin plate towards Let it dry in a cool, ventilated place.

Rabbit skin stripped in summer and autumn to prevent fatty acid failure, rot, causing root defects and other defects, can be spread on the board evenly salt, then ventilated and dried. Skinned meat carcasses should be immediately bled.

According to practical experience, it is best to hang the rabbit upside down, cut the carotid artery with a knife or cut the head. The bleeding time should be no less than 2-3 minutes. Otherwise, the lack of bloodletting will affect the preservation time of rabbit meat.

The fur is right at the right age

The quality of Rex rabbit skin is best for winter hides. Rex rabbits that were stripped from November to February of the following year are rich in fluff, have a well-groomed surface, are bright and glossy, and are of plate quality. Adult rabbits have better rabbit skin quality than young rabbits.

To obtain a good rex rabbit fur, the most important thing is to achieve proper age and timing. The so-called "age-appropriate" means that the young rabbit is best selected after the first age-for-moen replacement, before the second hair-changing, about 5-6 months of age, weighing about 2.5 kg, at this time the skin is slaughtered, and the skin area can be basically Up to 0.11 square meters, the physical and mechanical properties of the fur can reach the national ministerial standards. High-grade fur has a large proportion.

If the fur maturity is better, it is better to raise it after the second age of hair replacement, but extending the feeding period of two months will greatly increase the cost of feeding and reduce the economic benefits. The so-called "fixed period" means that the fur is not exchanged, and after the rabbits have completed two age-replaced furs, the rabbits have switched to seasonal fur-changes, which are generally in the spring-April-April and autumn-September 9-11. month.

During the hair replacement period, the fur is the worst, the fur is the worst, and the length of the hair is not uniform. Therefore, in the production of rex rabbits, fur is not exchanged. Well-fed Rex rabbit skin, rich plush, bright color, thick sheet quality. However, overnutrition can lead to excess accumulation of subcutaneous fat, affecting the quality of the skin; malnutrition, especially the lack of methionine, cystine or vitamins, minerals, will result in decreased fur quality, reduced hair gloss, and even produce hair loss . Excessive feeding and management, cage cleaning is not good, the hair is contaminated by the urine, it will appear urine yellow, especially with white coat even worse, seriously affect the quality of Rex Rabbit.

In addition, poor management, severe inter-bite tears, as well as skin diseases, sputum, pock, sores, etc., will also seriously affect the quality of rabbit skin; poor ventilation, high ammonia concentration, direct sunlight and moisture and other reasons , Can cause the hair color to decline, quality decline.

For males and females of the same age, under the same conditions in other conditions, the male rabbit skin has a larger width and thicker skin than the female rabbit skin, but the plush is rougher than the female rabbit and the plate quality is also relaxed, especially Sexual mature species of male rabbit plate quality worse. The maternal quality of young female rabbits is relatively better than that of male rabbits of the same age. However, the maternal rabbits after littering have significantly decreased cortical levels. The more litters the female rabbits produce, the thinner and thinner the skins, the more relaxed the fibrous tissue, and the more quality the female rabbits. difference.

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